'The Passion Of Proline'

Hi, I'm Tanner Thorsen owner of Proline Designs Mx.

    Proline Designs MX started as a passion playing a dirt bike game when I was 15. That's how it all got started. We as a team have worked very hard to get where we are today, and it's just a passion of ours. Proline Designs is a family, every customer becomes family. 'The Passion of Proline Designs Mx' is simply never giving up on what you dream and always bouncing back to be the best you can be each and every day. Proline Designs Mx is based out of Spokane, Washington, It all simply started out as getting my sister and I graphics, and being dialed and fresh. So, now here we are 3 years later waking up living the dream, and never giving up.